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Sky Sunday – "Reach for the Skies!"

This is today’s Sunday run to Ardmore Airport cafe, where I had a great view of planes taking off.

Do you like watching planes?

Its about 3/4 of hour driving south of where we live on the main highway and off at Takanini off ramp.

The food and service is great at Ardmore Cafe and plenty of people were out watching planes.

What do you think?

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  1. Oh, I really like seeing planes take off, since kids. My father was an Air Force officer who had ever been based at an airport. If he brought me to his office, I will definitely continue to see the scene, without the slightest fuss. But now it’s rather difficult to see planes taking off from the airport because the waiting/boarding room is always blocked by various things, except in small airports.

    • Thanks Albert, I used to like coming to see the planes take off and land in the airport viewing lounge, but they changed it so there was no viewing lounge. However they built a special place outside the Auckland airport, 2 car parks on either side of the road so that people could park and sit and watch the planes. Its very popular.

      However, this place is Ardmore, a more private type of airport. Those who can afford to get their pilot licence and own a plane can get their own hanger and fly to any destination in NZ. Or else with a pilot licence they can hire a plane and fly it. Their is a flying school here and the Old war bird planes that belong to the NZ airforce and even some of those are privately owned.
      They have air shows here too

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