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Škofja Loka, a medieval town

Škofja Loka has one of the most preserved medieval town centers in Slovenia. In 1987, the city was proclaimed a cultural monument

For the first time, Škofja Loka was mentioned as a market in 1248 and in 1274 it was a city.

The records indicate that in the 14th century Škofja Loka was surrounded by a wall with five towers and five city gates.

Destructive for the city was a fire in the years 1660 and 1698. After that the city did not change much. In 1789, the city walls were demolished and the city gate was abolished.

In the Middle Ages, trades and trade were strongly developed in Loki.

There were many smiths, shoemakers, tailors, bakers, and others.

In Škofja Loka, the craft and industry were very vibrant in history and pulled the city

Some attractions:

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Parish Church of Sv. Jacob, first mentioned in 1271 and newly in the Gothic style, was built in the years 1471-1532. The remains of frescoes in the ship are from around 1471.

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Above the city stands the Škofja Loka Castle. It was the original from the 13th century, after the earthquake of 1511, newly built.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Homen house was owned by the Bishop of Freising and has a 1529 year on the portal. The corridors are on the corridors, and there is a ridge vault in the hall. There are other interesting old houses on the market.          Stone or Capuchin Bridge is from the middle of the 14th century. On the bridge is the statue of Janez Nepomuk with the city coat of arms.


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