Pattaya’s Working Girls DO NOT Like Playboys

Thailand’s “y’all having a good time / don’t stop the party” city Pattaya is full of working girls. They are working in the bars, they are working in the discos, they are working in the agogos, they are working in the massage parlours, they are even working, on occasions, in the 7-Elevens, the Big Cs, and the large department stores. Let’s just summarise this part of the blog by saying they are working.

They come from all over Thailand – from the north, from the south, from the east, from the west, and they especially come from the north-east, the Isaan. And this blog is not going to say any more about geography because its aim is other.

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Have you ever thought whether there is a “conflict of interests” in Pattaya’s working girls hating playboys? I of course have because despite having a certain amount of worldly wisdom, I can never fathom why a Pattaya working girl should hate playboys given they help to keep her going. How do I know they hate playboys? Read on.

Over the years I have spoken to, “socialised with”, got to know a number of these unfortunate mums (because they usually have children), and they are all high up on the ladder of dignity, merely working to help their families back home, especially their immediate relatives – for example, three, school-age children they mothered with a guy who nipped off when the going got rough, leaving them to look after the family on rice. They are high up…but their clients? Not high just low, and often playboys just like hubby who buggered off, or the drunkard (read hubby) who buggered off, or the wife-beater (read hubby) who buggered off.

So where am I going with these noble and philosophical thoughts? Here’s where.

Last night I had the pleasure, the immense pleasure, of meeting a coconut-bar lady who is approaching fifty, who is lithe and slim because she works out in her large room every day, who loves the old jogging and foots it anywhere and everywhere every day, and who is separated from her lawyer hubby who gives her a monthly allowance (not a typical Thai scenario you’ll have to admit and one that should feed a lot of thought – and another blog or two!). She’s enjoying what she says he always did back in Chiang Mai, that’s play with the girls, only she plays with the boys. She told me he was a playboy big time and that their university-educated, one-only daughter is OK. She told me they separated because of his illicit liaisons. She told me she used to work in government up in Chiang Mai.

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Doesn’t make that much sense, or does it?

It seems that despite so much criticism of playboys by Pattaya working girls, the girls themselves sometimes do play (to enjoy what they missed when they were married? to make a faster buck?)…..and where better to play with those much-hated playboys than in “y’all having a good time / don’t stop the party” Fun City, Pattaya.

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What do you think?

Written by Jonathan Finch


  1. Thanks for all your comments – much appreciated. “Between” you and me, you guys are far more appreciative of this article than the punters in Pattaya who questioned quite a bit of what I said….but that’s also a reflection of how we live in Pattaya and who we are, or become, in Pattaya. There’s so much ambiguity and so many shifting matters open to conjecture. (Thanks again.)