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Otuataua Stonefields a Historical Site

The Otuataua Stonefields has some farmland around this place and it’s near a very significant ancient Maori historical site. It belongs originally to the Maori in the Otuataua region, a Maori tribe. There is a village, ancient burial grounds and the place is abundant with history.

These people were before the white man and for a long time the Maori village has been here. Some people have been farmers but the rates of the land have been raised by Auckland city council and the farmers may soon leave, will be forced to. A buyer is Fletchers and they plan to have a land development of houses.

Even though I am white, I believe this place should stay with the ancient Otuataua tribe, this land is like the lungs of Auckland and it’s very peaceful here. If the rich business man has their way, that may change very soon.

Now this is one of our favourite places to come and view the Manukau heads. This is the site. I hope that the Maori tribe will stay as it is. Already, businesses are being built up. The land is costly.

#2 A bull

There is a field of young bulls. 

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#9 Another view of Manukau heads from dry countryside

It would be lovely to keep it this way. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby