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New Zealand Waterfalls Part 2

I wanted to add these to the first New Zealand waterfalls but had to go to my facebook account to find them.

I believe I may have some other waterfall photos but that takes a lot of time.

Here are two of them.

The Thumbnail is the Waipuna Falls on the road from Taupo to Napier

#1 Close up of Waipuna Falls

I definetly will do my very best to get new photos of these splendid falls.

When I was a child Dad used to drive all of us from Auckland to Napier and Kereru at the back of Hastings to visit my Uncle Dereks farm

We never stopped here because we would be driving through the dark. It always have lots of pine trees for wood production and is like a huge forrest.

Now I saw a sign and stopped during the day and saw these wonderful falls that many would never even know of their existence.

#2 Kitekite Falls at Piha

Piha is a west Auckland beach, as a child, few people knew about Kitekite Falls.

Now this is my first sighting as I did not know until the day I took the photo.

I climbed a very steep hill and told my husband to wait for me to return as he is partly crippled and it would be too much for him.

To my surprise he met me just about all the way up as I was going down, but I prevented him from going further as the path had a side drop that went into an abyss and it would be scary and frightening for him as well as dangerous.

However you can take photos from ground level but I have not because it takes time walking and I have to leave him behind, and often you cant go because of Kauri die back, they block off may of the paths in the Waitakere


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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