Mt Taranaki or Mt Egmont

This was an exceptional trip and we stayed in lovely camping grounds at Stratford, 1/2 hours drive from New Plymouth and 15 minutes away from Mt Taranaki.

I was told that you can drive half way up the Mountain and see a magnificent view. So we went and found it. These are the pictures I took with my camera. The wind was icy cold and chilled the bones while I went out of the car to take pictures and didn’t go far from the parking lot. Not that there was a lot of cars about. I think we were the only ones there.

New Plymouth is 5 hours drive south of Auckland and is well off the visit, even if it is off the beaten track . I loved this area on sight. The scenery is beautiful and the people are very friendly.

#3 Mt Taranaki from the short Path

The wind is blowing quite a gale and there is cold damp air and strong biting winds.

"There is something in me that loves not a wall! Elves and Pikies will pull it down" from Robert Frost. I don't mind this wall as it's quite natural, and when you enter Mt Taranaki park you see this type of tree over 11 feet tall on either side of the road as you drive up to half way. Some brave trampers go off by themselves.

Do you know some of these people die in this mountain? The weather can change in seconds.

#4 Mt Taranaki from a distance as is from the road.

Legend has it, there were once 4 mountains by Lake Taupo. Mt Ruapehu, Mt Tongario , Mt Ngarahoe and Mt Taranaki. They had huge eruptions and fiery emotions went havoc and in desperation Mt Taranaki took off to live permanently by New Plymouth. Some say that Mt Taranaki is a she, and others that Mt Taranaki is a man. Any way, what ever the argument was about Mt Taranaki is happy to stay where she is. All of these today are active volcanoes. 

There is said to be evidence of earth moved by Mt Taranaki's departure if you travel down the forgotten highway that takes you from Stratford to the Tongario National Park.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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