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Medical tourism in the Nordic countries (part 3): Norway

Getting some knowledge about the possibilities of treatment and rehabilitation in Finland and Sweden, let’s turn to the short survey of medical services in Norway.

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The most developed areas of Norwegian medicine are dentistry, ophthalmology, obstetrics, as well as aesthetic medicine/plastic surgery.

The quality of medical care in the kingdom of fjords, trolls and waterfalls is considered as one of the highest in the world. And the price level is much (almost a quarter) lower than in other European clinics. Also here tend to get to the treatment due to the lack of long queues for the procedures. Therefore, we can mention two important advantages: relatively cheap and very high quality!

By the way, the above advantages can be added to the availability of first-class medical equipment and English-speaking staff.

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Besides, there are two important bonuses that greatly contribute to the rapid recovery and rehabilitation: charming Norwegian nature and beautiful environment. After the course of treatment, a lot of people go to the sea spa resorts and spa centers located on the banks of the fabulously splendid fjords. Walks surrounded by coniferous forests,  mountain rivers and waterfalls will strengthen your health so much that it will be like Ole Einar Bjorndalen (or almost).

In addition to high-quality medical services, a healthy climate and excellent ecology, Norwegian cuisine is conducive to rapid recovery and getting into good shape.

The daily diet of patients includes yummy fish – from cod to salmon + a variety of cereals. Dessert: ripe cherries and red apples from the shores of Hardanger fjord, fragrant pastries with berries. There is also such (from my point of view) exotic as milk fish soup, goat cheese, fish meatballs.

Wish you to be healthy, like Ole Einar Bjorndalen!


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