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Mareatai Beach Part 2

This is photos of Mareatai Beach, but not the main stop of Mareatai. There are 2 wharves, one being by a few shops and a lot more people, plus some houses by the beach, this one is not by a shop with fewer people and no homes but farm land.

Both places have stunning views

The thumbnail is the wharf of the place with fewer people. I intend to put the more crowded Mareatai in a part 3 another time.

#1 Mareatai Wharf

There is a car park off the road not far

#2 Perspective view of this wharf

There are 2 fishermen

#3 View of Beach and landscape

A nice place for a long walk

#4 Wharf from one side

The light reflects the water

#5 View of Waiheke Island

Mareatai faces Waiheke Island and there is a kayaker not far

#6 Long Shadows of winter

The water changes its appearance and in winter you get light and shadows

#7 Blue Hue

The day is sunny but slightly cloudy and cool

#8 Looking out from the road

It is a 2 way street here. It is a winding road near rocks and Bays from Mareatai to Duder's Beach. I want to stop and take photos of every bay but there are cars behind me and little room to move.

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#9 A Little Bay of Mareatai

A you go through the winding road, there are majestic Pohutakawa trees that are beautiful with or without flower. It is a beautiful  view

Part 3 of Mareatai will come soon

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