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Lang’s Beach Northland-iPad Photos

Today is Sunday and just needed a breath of fresh air to get out of the daily grind. I really wanted to go to Ruakaka but today the main road entrance was cut off, so we through Waipu, Waipu Cove and then Lang’s Beach. Waipu Cove is a Beach but all the parking spaces were taken. Lang’s Beach is a lovely Beach and it,s a surf Beach. From this trip I can still hear the roar of the surf in my ears.

The picture below is some Ducks in thriver showing off. There was a tribe of ducks visiting and chasing each other, they didn’t stay long.

This is one part of this beach but the south river. There are public toilets nearby and it’s a great place to have a picnic. I packed 2 boiled eggs and sandwiches and a thermos of hot water for coffee. We also have bottled cold water to drink. Remember always to be a clean visitor.

New Zealand has been plagued with unclean “freedom campers”, the mess behind them is so filthy it’s indescribeable.

There is a lot of this colour of sand throughout this region, and quite a few sand dunes. The Pohutakawa trees only flower at Christmas. This tree is great for old disused tyres to be tied to a branch and used as swings for children and adults!

This is the North head of Whangarei from this part of this Beach. I would say this trip was 3 hours drive north of Auckland. Only because we stopped twice on the way.

The one of this river again on the south side was of reflections of the Pohutakawa tree.

This is looking out to Hen & Chickens Islands. I suspect is a sanctuary for wild life. I have not any one who has ever been there, because only wild life officials are allowed to go there, but you could with their permission and it would be expensive with their staff.

This is the bridge of this river.

I have some more photos of this Beach taken from another camera. It was one day full of taking many photos. There is another northern part of this Beach where there is another river coming on to this Beach.

Once upon a time there was a man called, “Lang”. He owned this Beach and served in World War One. It would have been different then. The road today is modern tar sealed. At that time when Lang owned this Beach,  it would be a dusty road with loose gravel and a lot of farm land and bush. It would be far away from the bustle of people with not much facilities or supplies and very isolated from most of the world.

These types of places often had “Baches”. People would stay in them for the holidays. The facilities were very basic and rough in the past. Today, the “Baches” are more like a hotel and it’s expensive to stay there.

Children don’t care about that, all they want to do is have fun on the beach.

Always remember to supervise children by any beach, it only takes a second for them to disappear. It,s great to get away from city life and traffic and just be closer to the natural world.

Today there were surfers on the beach.


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Written by Pamela Moresby