Langs Beach

Well, managed to load this photo of Langs Beach. Having a bit of trouble around this site. I tried this post. Wonder how it goes?

Cant be the only one. However, the moderators always do the best in their circumstances.

So if you are having issues, its really hard to solve with things pressing you in all directions, just be patient and this issue will be resolved soon.

As you can see, its a beautiful beach. Should you arrive in New Zealand. I suggest hire a New Zealand driver who is trusted, all go on a wonderful holiday and pay this beach a visit.

If you do drive in New Zealand, you are fine if you drive on the left hand side in your country, but adapting to another side is best attempted when you are well over jet lag. Never drive tired, if you get tired. Pull over and rest. Take plenty of water, and make sure you stop at least once in 2 hours.

It would be great to see some one enjoy their day!


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Written by Pamela Moresby