Incendiary dances of Norwegian whales near the Arctic Circle

Do you wish to see frolicking whales? In this case you should take part in a whale safari with its starting point in the Norwegian town/village of Andenes (the Vesterålen district, Nordland county) – 300 km from the Arctic Circle. About an hour of sailing and you will get unbelievable positive, looking at the light and graceful movements of ocean giants!

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What is a whale safari exactly? This is a cruise/sailing on the boat to the edge of the continental shelf (the approximate duration of the tour is 3-5 hours). During the tour you have the chance to see and even to capture on the photo film sperm whales, orcas, humpback or toothed whales and some other inhabitants of the local waters.

Are there any risks that each participant of a whale safari should take into account? Firstly, in case of adverse weather conditions (strong winds/large ocean waves), the organizer of the cruise may (and must!) prohibit the cruise. Also it is not guaranteed that you will definitely see whales – these guys are quite moody and appear in public only depending on their desires. And one more thing: if you often get seasick, you should take the necessary medicines/other measures. The pitching of the cruise boat is likely to be strong (it’s ocean, after all).

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P.S. № 1. There is the Centre of whale research in Andenes – MAREFA (Marine Research and Education Fund of Andenes). It fights for the preservation of the huge inhabitants of the ocean waters together with various international organizations. Here travelers can see the videos and exhibits on the “whale” theme.

P.S. № 2. Let’s see the video about Andenes whale safari.


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  1. My spirits flare up instantly while reading this interesting article, but it stops when you give a warning about the possibility of seasickness, that’s it! My experience with a ship is just crossing strait by ferry! So the question is, will I get seasick when I look forward to watching a Norwegian whale dance?

  2. This is a very interesting trip. But they, like us, have their own views. If they have slept well they will show up. But if they have a heavy and tiring night. They would rather rest in the depths of the ocean. Hahaha. I definitely liked where you took us for a walk.

    • Thank you so much for your marvellous comment, because of you I imagined whales sleeping in the ocean depths as in reality, great!!! And it’s s such a joy when they wake up and swim up to chat with us!