Your impeccable rest: how to stay alive and not deceived

How to organize and spend really true rest? You should simply keep in mind some things. Firstly, it is to choose your destination with a great attention regarding its safety. Secondly, it is better to remember some common tricks of cheating tourists and try not to become their victim.

What countries are relatively safe for tourists in 2017? Let’s find out!

The researchers of International SOS (medical and travel security assistance company) published Travel Risk Map 2017. They took into account following factors:

  • Terrorism threats.
  • Possibility of politically motivated riots and wars.
  • Occurrence of social unrest.
  • Level of crime.
  • Reliability of transport infrastructure.
  • Efficiency of the security and emergency services response.

From this point of view, the most safe and preferable countries for tourists (with minor     risks) are:

  • All the Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.
  • The countries of the rest part of Europe: Switzerland and Slovenia.
  • The countries of the American continent: the USA, Canada and Argentina.
  • Australia.

What countries, according to this survey, are strongly recommended not to visit? They are: Libya, Mali, South Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Central African Republic, Afghanistan and Venezuela.

Now let’s turn to the problem of cheating tourists. There are some most common tricks:

  • Free gifts. Don’t take any things from the hands of strangers in order not to pay for these “gifts” after a few seconds.
  • Photos with animals and unusual characters. Prices for these photo shoots can be too high.
  • Hugs. This is a common technique for pickpockets. After this sudden action you should immediately check your pockets and call the police.
  • Currency manipulations. The best thing is to exchange money in your own country or use the services of verified banks and exchange offices.
  • Too expensive dinner. Don’t let the waiter take the menu. Otherwise, it will be impossible to prove that prices in your check were too high.

Wish you all a perfect and safe rest!


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