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I am South African

Do we play with lions? Hell yeah! Do we ride elephants to work?Ummmm … nope! But we do get up close to them in our game reserves.

Is Africa a country? No, it’s a continent – like North America. And while we’re on this subject – South Africa is NOT a continent like South America, it is a country like the USA and Australia and France, etc, etc…. you get my point?

Forgive my detailed introduction, but as a South African I have heard all sorts of weird and wonderful questions being asked about life in deepest, darkest Africa. I thought it would be fitting to make my debut on Virily by setting the record straight.

I have never left the borders of South Africa. I don’t have to – everything I need is right here. My future blogs will be focused on all the fun adventures my family and I have been on within the boundaries of this small, but wonderfully diverse country.

I love outdoor adventures. I love taking lots of photos so that I can share incredible things with people who have not, and may never, see the beautiful things I see.I blog to share. Occasionally I may throw in a few interesting facts (if you’re gonna read my blog you might as well learn something at the same time ‘ey?).

I live in the most beautiful country in the whole world and I want people from other countries to come and see it for themselves.I share what I love and what’s not to love about sunny South Africa.

I hope my stories and photos reach people from all over the world.I hope they shed light on a misunderstood country.I hope they inspire hope amongst South Africans who may have given up.Allow me to turn a well known phrase around with a different use of punctuation: Cry, “The beloved country!”


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