How to visit the Icelandic puffins

Those who wish to get acquainted with the charming birds – the Icelandic puffins, should be ready for a trip to the exotic Northern land of fire and ice. The country of geysers, volcanoes and glaciers guarantees you unforgettable impressions and adventures!,_Iceland_-_panoramio_(2).jpg

In order to see the puffins, you need to book/buy tickets for the 1-hour tour Puffin Watching (Puffin Express from Reykjavik). You will be quickly and comfortably taken to the islands where these elegantly dressed beauties nest/live (about 30 thousand!).

You can now start planning a puffin tour for next year (May-August 2020). This season, the boat to the puffins will be sent 5-7 times a day. And be sure to take your children with you – they will surely love the friendly birds with bright beaks and paws!

For those who want to arrange a photo hunt for puffins – grab macro photography cameras with good zoom lenses for close up shoots (puffins are quite small birds).

What else? During the tour you will have a great possibility to view Reykjavik from the seaside and to listen the guide stories about local surroundings. By the way, the availability of binoculars is included in the tickets price.

See the video – the visual representation of this tour. And all the additional & necessary information –

Wish you the best puffin impressions!

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