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How to travel to japan on a budget Part 2

  • Map application

I always use google maps or any other online/offline option to track where I am and how to arrive to my destination. Also, try to monitor big references in case you get lost like “Xs hospital” or “Shibuya Crossing” or “Xs Market” because by being common places people can know or understand even if they don’t speak your language they will be able to at least point you in the right direction.

This can save you a lot of money by not spending on a taxi services which are quite expensive in Japan.

Extra tip: Take screenshots of the route suggested to arrive at your destination because sometimes the app can stop working and it will help you to find your way quicker.

  • Walk

There are a lot of places or attractions at walking distance and Japan is quite a secure and peacefull country where you can actually walk in the streets without many problems even late at night.

  • Discounts

Many places offer discounts to foreigners from clubs to restaurants and so on, just be sure to carry your passport with you or a copy or picture of it so they can make the discount valid. I saved around a 100 USD by doing this.

  • Store food or street food

In many food stores around Japan, you can find fresh and high-quality fish food, as well as western food and they, are usually open 24hrs (in major cities). This can save you money by avoiding pricey restaurants and also as a good hangover treat after a good night out.

  • Go to international meetings or local meetings

Some people organize weekly or monthly gatherings with no cost or a really small fee to join and they are usually packed with nice people and cheap activities targeted at travelers.

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What do you do to save money while traveling?


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