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Hakuna Matata

With intertwined emotions, it was time to start the journey home. We did not fly from Diani Beach to Nairobi this time and chose to travel by Mombasa train. So far, it’s a very neat-looking train, which locals, I very hope, will keep it. You had to use the Mombasa Ferry to get to the train station, which made it possible to visit Mombasa again, the second-most populous city. One of the main attractions is Fort Jesus, which dates back to the times when Mombasa was a slave trade center.

However, at the end of my trip, I had ‘African syndrome’, when strange emotions without being asked for them, visited me. Causes vary – cultural differences, a sense of insecurity, dirtiness, or maybe the hometown just asked me to come back as always.

Kenya is the first African country we have visited that has allowed us to get to know this Black Continent in many ways. It is different from the countries in the North of Africa I have been already.

Although we all know what this Africa is and what the pros and cons it has, but only when we came here, we did realize that little was understood before. Nature, animals, poverty, tribes, customs, slums – it will bring millions of emotions that you bring home and put in the drawers, but these are not documentaries on TV, a reality that seduces, enchants, and stays in your heart.

In Kenya, you can see everything that comes to mind when you say the word Africa, where the primitive past and the civilized present are intimately intertwined.

So don’t miss the opportunity to spend at least a few days here and gather everything that Africa brings to you. I believe that people less or more change after traveling, but I want to change others after this trip.

Hakuna Matata is not just words, it is a way of life.

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