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 I made these wonderful pictures when visiting Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria.

The Rhodopes are the oldest and largest mountain massif in Bulgaria. The mountain is part of the Rila-Rhodope massif and is a complex system of ridges, valleys and deep river valleys.

The Rhodope Mountains cover an area of 14 737 sq. Km. (The Bulgarian part). The average altitude of the Rhodope Mountains is 785m. The western part (or the western and middle part of the region where the Shiroka Luka is located) is considerably higher than the eastern one. The highest peak in the Rhodope Mountains is Mount Golyam Perelik – 2191m. The western border of the Rhodope Mountains with Rila, passes along the Yadenitsa River, crosses the saddle of Jundola and Avramova saddle and reaches the valley of the Mesta River. To the north, the mountain borders the Upper Thracian Plain. The climate is varied in the Rhodopes. The average annual temperature is  9.6 Celsius at 670m and 2 Celsius degrees at 2191m. The southern part of the mountain has a softer climate due to the influence of the Aegean Sea.


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