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We Found A Secret Island in Phuket!

Phuket is a popular destinations for tourists, it’s because there’s so many choices of beaches to visit. For example, if you wanna party at night and beach, you can go to Patong, and if you want just a cozy night with your partner or with your family, you can go and stay in Kata or Karon. But anyway, all the beaches are packed with tourists.

I live in Phuket for 6 years and I always explore this island, and look for a quite beach. When my family from the Philippines came to visit me, I rent a boat and bring them to the nearest island called coral island (never been that island that time). Then as we travel there by boat, I saw a small rocky island that we just passed. I thought, might be good to see that one day. Then we continue going to Coral island. It’s just disappointing, cuz there was a lots of Chinese tourists (Chinese tourists keep on coming the every year). We still had fun spending time with my family tho, but it would be better if  there were less tourists.

On my friend’s birthday,  we decided to explore that rocky island, it’s actually called Koh Von. Ever since then, that’s one of my favorite island around Phuket. Rent a boat from Rawai beach for 1,000 baht, then go to Koh Von for about 30 min. It’s an amazing place – you got your privacy, no tourists and you will enjoy it!

See the video below.


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