One of The Most Beautiful Countries

This is a video from Nas Daily, a travel vlogger whose favorite country is The Philippines. In his video of the Philippines he explained why The Philippines is his favorite country. So you need to watch this video to find out why.

We have our own favorite travel destinations but if you love nature, beaches, mountains and so on, you should include visiting the Philippines in your bucket list. It is a must-see country. I myself had a chance to visit other countries like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand etc. and still The Philippines is one of my favorites.

Nas said that for a country to become his favorite, it needs to satisfy three things. One, the language. Two, the price. And three, nature. The people in that country should speak English. The price of things sold in that country should be cheap and last but not the least, the country should have a gorgeous nature that it can offer travelers. The Philippines satisfy all of Nas’ criteria, that is why he loves the Philippines.


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