Colored Fountain – 365 Photos Challenge #3

Roxas City’s (once controversial) fountain. The light changes color in effect, the water seems to change color as well. This fountain was built during the American occupation period along with the century old bridge.

There were some renovations in the past decade, but when a new mayor took office he had the expensive improvement removed and restored the fountain to its “original” design plus the colored lights.

I will post more details about the controversy of this fountain in the near future.

365 Photos Challenge #3

This is my entry number 3 to the 365 Photos Challenge which I started.

My previous entry is “My Mobile Office


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    • Thanks, Carol. I should have moved closer though. It’s a bit blurry since I used my phone to take this pic. Although I’m amazed I that I did not have to hold my breath when I took this with the low light and no flash.
      I will go back to take more pics of this fountain when the Christmas tree near it is done.

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