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Cardinals in Palermo

It is the fourth part of the family trip to Palermo last week.  There was just too much to put into one single post.  Sometimes you must break things down into several parts to truly appreciate the experience.  I enjoy taking photos of everything that we do and see.  Sometimes I am the only one taking photos of anything at all. Which is fine with me, because they all know where to go to get a copy of a certain place or activity.

The Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo, Italy.  This was our first stop on the tour.  I had done some research into what I thought everyone would enjoy seeing, and it was an unanimous decision when I brought up going there first.  I saw no signs about photography, so I was rather cautious.

The terms Modern and Contemporary Art confuse many.  Modern, usually means the style of the art and within a century.  I did not attend more than one semester of art college, but do love the Modern Art.  Picasso and Van Gogh are considered Modern Artists.

This watercolor caught my attention.  It was painted a hundred years ago.  It is difficult to imagine anything of beauty lasting long in this country which suffered many wars and plagues.  I love all paintings, but there is something special about watercolors.  Soft and delicate work which captures the object in such a manner that you could feel what the artist is feeling at the moment of creation of the piece.

The actual place of the building today.  This is a different angle, although you can tell that this is the same building.  The Teatre Politema was located where the tour buses began and ended.   The end of the Mondello tour bus and the beginning of the Palermo tour bus were located in the front of the building.

There is not much difference between the painting and this photo.  This is what happens when an artist roams around Palermo and visits a museum!  I am very observant and I was not the only one to recognize the building in the painting, painted so long ago.

We returned to our villa for some rest and to make homemade ravioli and cheese.  The dinner ended another wonderful day in Palermo.


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