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Pigmy Owl Watercolor

I used a limited pallet on this painting. Mostly browns and greens. It is so unlike me not to use every color in the rainbow but I didn’t on this one little owl. The trees were among the many trees I took photos of on my annual trek to the mountain country with my dad. I have loads of photos like this. But capturing an owl is really hard so I painted him into the drawing. The sky is green because, well, you can’t see the sky for the forest at times up there.

I enjoy painting wildlife even if I’m no John James Audubon. Audubon used to count each feather and make sure they were in the right place and right color by shooting the bird and wiring it upright to paint it from life, or should I say death.  I may study wildlife but I don’t like shooting them.

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  1. You are very good. I love Audubon, but Bateman is my all time favorite. Love the colors in this, the bark and the bird. I once threw away a half finished Red Tail Hawk.. Feathers are so hard to do. Again, great work.

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