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An abandoned building with lots of history.

This old building I pass on the way to work each day.  It stands very close to the river in my town, Great Yarmouth.  I wasn’t sure about the history of this, so I posted it in a group I’m in on Facebook to see what response I would get.  I was surprised to get such an overwhelming response with over 130 comments!

Many people have said they used to work here when it was a thriving bar.  People were also saying that there used to be darts tournaments here and play games of snooker.  People were talking about the people that used to run this once lovely pub and how busy it used to get.  Isn’t it a shame that people have such fond memories of buildings and place, and yet, they can be left to rot?  Someone said that this building has been empty since about 2003, so about 15 years.  It’s such a shame seeing the state of it now as it’s such a lovely building architectural wise.  And when you think about how busy this used to get when it was a business, it makes me sad that they just leave it like this to rot away.  Someone was saying it’s a Grade II listed building too.

What do you think?

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    • That’s a good question. Well, the town I live in has certainly changed a lot over the years. Back int he 50’s & 60’s we had a very big fishing industry so many people were employed in this field of work. But since all this has gone, people have gone, the fish and herring houses have closed, and I guess this rolls out to places like pubs and entertainment establishments too.

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