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Adventure Story: The Ambato-Legleg River

It was a bit adventure to walk through the hanging bridge to Barangay Ambato-Legleg. Along the trail, you can see the farm fields of the local tribes. The rice paddies are the main source of food in the area. The Ambato tribes had decided to have the River Control to sustain the needs of water for the rice paddies. It was implemented in the early years with the fund from the local government agency. The funded money will be allocated for the said community project.

After hiking up the rice paddies in the Barangay Ambato, you can able to reach the Ambato-Legleg River. You can see the quick rush of the water current. It has been days that the place experiencing the rain pours at that time. The accomplishment of the River Control is safe to explore how the local tribes furnished the construction of the community project.

You can see how it was being constructed according to the requirements with the effort between the local tribes and the team. It wasn’t a good thing that this is the venue to educate the local tribes for having the community project. It is also the best venue to air out the difficulties in building their own project. The team will still continue to render their selfless services for the next community projects until the local tribes would be able to carry out the process of their own.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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