The Simple Practical Ways to Find Directions

When traveling to another state or places, it is better to know the facts from the internet. It wouldn’t hurt you for surfing the internet. You don’t need to buy some books in the bookstore. That’s the dilemma of this shop. Internet became their competitor in gaining profit. Surfing the internet is free of access provided by an internet service provider (ISP).

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We can never tell the future upon arrival in certain places. Being naïve is not an excuse if we were able to offend the local people. At times, it can create tension and can lead to misunderstanding. That’s the reason why it is advisable to know certain places before traveling. Safety is the most concern of traveler. It cannot be denied that some travelers are the risk taker. For some reason, it is their way of being the best adventure.

While on travel, it is inevitable that we might get lost. But then, we still need to know the simple ways to find directions. As much as possible, we need to figure out how to find the specific locations. If not, then there are some simple practical ways to do it.


We are in the modern world now. Most of our mobile phones or any available modern gadgets have the special features of GPS and maps. It is the best tool to find directions. However, the disadvantage of this can lead to drainage of the battery. It would be difficult to find charging station or power bank is also a good option.

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Ask the Local People

This is an option that we need to be careful. We can never trust easily people in certain areas. We just need to be vigilant in choosing the right local person in gaining information to find a particular destination.

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Ask a Policeman

It is always the best protocol to ask a policeman in finding directions. But then, some policemen are not available in certain areas. They can be trusted and no reason for doubting about it. However, we still need to be discreet in asking information from them.

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Call a Friend

If you are in certain areas that have acquainted friend, then it is better to ask assistance from them. In the long run, you had been close relationship during the trip. It is most likely that they will give exact directions.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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  1. Very good and excellent advice. I have had the experience of traveling to Israel in 1982 and not knowing where my accomodation was. I tried the languages I learnt but was not that good at it, because in NZ english is all we know.
    What I learned paid off and a policeman pointed me in the right direction. He didn’t know english either.
    I am glad of my experience because I appreciate what people go through when they come to NZ with very little english. It would be scary for them
    I met a Spanish speaking woman from South America who told me some words in basic Spanish and I told her some basic english.
    She told me some one put her on a bus when she had no english speaking skills and left her on her own for 3 hours.
    Later she got in touch with an english language centre and they helped her.

    • I can imagine how she goes through that time. I had an experienced such situation when living in Tajikistan before. I was being trained the local language. However, time is not enough to digest the words. But then, sign language had worked for about three months and eventually, I was able to walk through. c”,)

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