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A Pair of Lion and Lioness Playing in Vandalur Zoo

I am sharing one more video from Vandalur Zoo, Chennai. This one is about the majestic big cat. Lions and tigers compete for the title of being the most majestic. I like tigers better than lions. But the king of the jungle is not named so without a reason. While a single tiger itself can frighten. The lions get their strength from moving in large groups. Lionesses play a major part in hunting while the male is usually lazy playing the role of the protector. When it matters most for the group, the male lion would charge from the front.

That said, these are just lion and lioness kept in captivity in a zoo in South India. The good thing about this zoo is the liberal space given to animals. This may not still match their natural habitats, but it is better than being locked up in narrow confinements. Apart from watching the big cats from a distance, one gets closer by taking the lion’s safari. The caged vehicles take one to a confined area resembling a jungle where lions roam freely. As of now, the safari is offered during daytime only, and I hope they start they offer the night safari soon.


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