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A day trip to Antwerp

Belguim is a small country and many cities are close together. Today we went to Antwerp for lunch to meet a friend. Here are some pictures of our trip. The drive was fast, not many cars were on the road, today was supposed to have a big storm, but we didn’t get rained on until we pulled up at home. 

Confetti’s Italian Restaurant

This is the restaurant we went to Antwerp to eat ay. It is a Dairy Italian Restaurant  prices in Euros. I had speghetti with  pesto, my husband had fetticini with smoked salmon  and our friend had lazanga. It is Kosher, no mixing pf meat and dairy.  The food was veey good. Our bill came to 67 Euros. We paid cash and the service was 3 Euros.  I would go back there.   


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