My 1st Flying lesson part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of my 1st flying lesson. We proceed to the heart of Auckland’s Central Business District and city.  At one point I was given the opportunity to steer the plane and found my hip on the side of the door looking straight down at the ground, and I was able to right the plane to level. He asked me, “Are you all right?” I said’ “Yes, but it took a bit of getting used to first.!”

I felt safe with a man who knew what he was doing.

A plane trip in many ways is safer than a car trip because the pilot has to check everything is right with the plane before take off. It may be riskier, but a calculated risk and taking great care is the key to everyone’s safety in the air. People are over confident driving and take far too many risks on the road.

Even then, you can have an accident, be it car, Boat, or plane. If you are scared of that, you can still take a risk by going out the front door. Best to take each day as it comes and do one thing at a time.

#1 Auckland City

The hypodermic needle is Auckland's one Casino and I've been up that tower. It's called, "Sky tower". Guaranteed to give you vertigo going up but you can over come it. You are safe. As much as anyone else. 

#2 Auckland City Central

Here you can see it's got a green patch or two. Our parks. The biggest one is Albert park and that faces Auckland university. All the parks are very beautiful.

The one to be very careful in, is Myers Park. That is by the Auckland town hall. Crooks live in this park. 

#3 Looking at the Sky tower and The Waitemata Harbour

You will notice the Auckland wharf fronts here. Yes if you look closely a park is in-between the buildings.

Across the water is North head on the left and that is part of Auckland's North shore. Behind that on the upper left is Rangitoto Island. Behind that in the very far distance is the Coromandel peninsula. 

On the right over the water is Browns Island very small and behind that is Waiheke Island. Many live on Waiheke Island.

#4 Shape Shifting Photography

This view sold twice in an Art Gallery for "Shape Shifting" Photography. The Auckland city is reflected upside down on the Cesna's wing and you can really get a good view of Devonport area across the water here. 

You can also see about 2 parks.

#5 Returning to Ardmore

On the horizon, Rangitoto Island. A volcano. You look down on the green domain and in it the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The bay here is part of Auckland's water front area. 

#6 Marina at the Water front

From the air, it looks totally different from the ground.

Very expensive boats, not all people who live in Auckland are poor, some are very wealthy

#7 Brown’s Island from the Air

With Rangitoto Island in the distance. Rangitoto Island looks exactly the same , where ever you are, unless you fly directly over it.

Not there is no water on Browns Island. 

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