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10 Most Famous Sights to See in Iraq

For many, it would be hard to imagine holidays in a troubled Iraq, but travelers from the West began to travel to this country as well. They say they know it’s dangerous, but adds that it might be better to die from the bomb than in the hospital.

Stereotypical Iraq is a mysterious Asian country shaken by conflicts. Traveling through this state can be similar to the challenge, but the bravest ones are rewarded with invaluable assets. Flights to Iraq are the path to the impressive experience of getting to know the fertile valleys, the rivers of the clear water, the cities called the cradle of civilization. People of Iraq says that here is a bright future for tourism. In their opinion, ecological tourism in Iraq has good prospects, and nature-loving people have a lot to see here.

Brilliant colors fragrant spices, delicious tea leaflets and coffee beans, divine sweets are just a few ideas for you what you can buy there. You can also pamper your loved ones with metal utensils, high-quality materials, clothes, leather bags and belts, handmade rugs.

To make your trip to Iraq a great journey, there is only a small need. Carefulness, respect for a different culture, carefully planned route, timely vaccination and ordering a visa – this will allow you to enjoy every moment of your journey and carefully inspect the most beautiful Iraqi assets.


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