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You Have No Privacy

One day, I did a search on ‘autism’. The next thing I knew, every site I went to had ads about ‘autism’. I then did a search on ‘cheap air fare’  and my Facebook page was plastered with all sorts of advertisements about… yup; cheap air fare.

It is no secret that the Internet is as private as a nudist colony. Everything you post, every search you do, every email you send is available not just to ‘hackers’  but to hackers employed by particular government agencies

People who are not willing to expose themselves or want to keep certain things, like their bank accounts, private, use the Dark Web.

But what about you cell phone?

Every call you have ever made, every text you have ever sent is on record. It can be pulled and examined. Right now, your provider has a complete record of everyone you call. Everything you say. Further, with the GPS, they can track you.

It isn’t difficult. If I had a stronger internet connection, and a slightly better computer, if I have your number I can track you. And if you have one of those ‘smart’ phones, I can find you, no matter where you are. That is how easy it is.

The manufactures of ‘smart’  phones, watches, whatever, know perfectly well the use of these items. They know their use and how they can be used. Phones, without GPS are not being produced. The point, in the name of ‘security’ is to expose every single person.

When you use your cell phone, imagine you are surrounded by unfriendly armed guards. In that way, you’ll grant yourself a bit of protection.


If you are searching for anything it is better NOT to use Google ever. Google makes its money by selling your searches to advertisers and security agencies.

If you do online banking; use the Dark Net.


What do you think?

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  1. I don’t do online banking on my computer I barely do any searches either
    if I do ANY it’s on you tube ONLY or through friends I know online other than that
    I don’t have any worries about spies looking at what I’m doing online. GOOD topic.

  2. I agree with your points and I disagree. The reality of the world right now is more than 500 milliion smart devices in the wild. Grabbing any one requires a lot of planning. That means the vast majority of people aren’t even touched, most of the time. The sheer number of touching 500 million phones, would just be a massive infrastructure. That would be why I disagree.

    • The usual algorithm runs to pick up particular words those conversations are flagged. Assume 5 million use the words today. The algorithm runs on those 5M looking for another word; a connecting word or term.

      Suppose the ‘magic’ words is chocolate. 5M use the word. Now the agorithm runs to find ‘chip’. Suppose 1M use the term chocolate chip. The algorithm runs again to find ‘cookie’. suppose 700K used cookie. Suppose the next term is dessert. Suppose 100k used the term.

      The next word that is searched for is Sunday. The algorithm finds 30k.

      You see how it runs?

      As to tracking anyone, well you know how gps works

      • I understand what you are saying. You are loosely correct. But the reality is they don’t always know up front what to look for. In fact they seldom know what to look for.

        How many events occur, when the police and everyone else says we were not watching that person.

        The other side how many occur when they say yes we were watching that person but we didn’t know they were going to act.

        I am sorry but the sheer logic of reality says that while your numbers are logical, they are no where near real.

        5 million users saying one word may apply in one metropolitan area. But we are talking billions of people in the world. The math just doesn’t work.

        Just to be clear to track any one device out of the more than 1 billion devices that have GPS installed is daunting. Hugely daunting with roughly the computing power of an entire cloud service provider running only that process.
        A GPS connects with 12 to 16 different signals. Tracking the resulting numbers just isn’t possible unless you have already bugged that phone. But if they know enough to get a court order then, well it is already too late for you.

        Nice post, thanks for sharing.

        • One of the problems today is that people can not believe certain things because of various factors. I was involved in a legal case in which the cell phone provider was able to supply all the calls, the texts, the images the accused EVER sent.

          How did they know that four years from now those people would be accused?

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