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The reality of robotics is something that interests me. In part, because there is so much, we can do with the capability. For example, there are a growing number of robotic programs that are interesting. They are designed more for children or young adults in the STEM/STEAM/CSTEAM space. The first is an offering from a great company called Little Bits.  I have their droid kit, and it is a blast to play with and design my R2D2 type droid. Littlebits also does IoT, sensor and useful toolkits for building out answers to the question, can I do that?

I think the easy way to talk about all of these is to throw out a list.

  1. Littlebits
  2. Meeper
  3. Jibo

Meeper has a wonderful robotics kit that leverages Lego’s and imagination. I love the Meeper technology.

Jibo is the last robot, although in fairness Jibo is stationary and the other listed robotics kits can move. Jibo is also complete, except that its software is still getting updates. Jibo tells bad jokes, can play music and the News. You can also ask Jibo questions. Jibo loves to dance, which is kind of cute and Jibo also takes pictures.

Robotics remain interesting. In part because it feels like they are nearly mainstream. In part because the tech is pretty cool overall. The companies listed above all have interesting applications for the technology, from the growing young inventor market (Littlebits and Meeper) to adult care and child care (Jibo).

Yesterday I talked a bit about AI, only because I see so many people that express concern for AI’s that will take over the world. That may happen, but it is still a few years over the horizon. Robotics are here now, with three excellent examples of what you can do!


What do you think?


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