Wander project heading out on the Bay!

Another day on the bay, as we wander today, you notice many more sailboats. It was a perfect day for sailboats. We wandered around towards the exterior Annapolis Harbor mooring (where the container ships that cannot come into Annapolis Harbor wait). You can see from the pictures that the sky was blue, the water was perfect, and the temperature was perfect. Our journey began as we cleaned the boat. First, we have a few mud tracks on the stern and bow of the boat. The mud tracks came from me I suspect. We also organized a few items on the boat and the dock box as well.

We were going to wander over to the fuel dock (it is about 8 feet for that wander), but we decided to head home rather than refuel the boat this weekend. We will have to add view next week as we, of course, will be out and about on the bay! One of the things I enjoy about boating is the feeling you get when you are on the water. It is a feeling I believe best described by the song Sailing, by Christopher Cross.

I love the song and the feeling (the times I feel the best are when I am out on the water!). Having a boat at times can feel like a hole in the water you throw money into. At other times it can feel like a way to become more frustrated as you snake your way out of the marina and into the open water. But when you get on that open water, then there is no better feeling (for me) than just relaxing and wandering! Now if I could only figure out a way to bottle that feeling.


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Written by DocAndersen

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