The Great Pretender

The Queen song, The Great Pretender, sung by Freddie Mercury because Freddie felt it described his life as a performer because of his ‘secret life.’ But I think all celebrities are “Great Pretenders” because it is a part of their job to make a lot of money for the Zionist media industry via lying to their followers and fans as well as promoting twisted information and lies to their fans. And, the talented celebrities do a good job because they are very likable and attractive that when they die, it is sad.

“The Great Pretender” is also about pretending everything is normal and cool when in reality it is far from normal. Or, it is also about pretending to be something you aren’t in order to hide something about yourself that you don’t want others to know about. I think many people in society have these issues, as they try to achieve a particular goal in their life. This issue could be different for each person, but it all comes down to living a lie in order to achieve acceptance, praise, and love from others.


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