The quest for a universal translator just got a little closer!

I am super excited that Pilot is finally shipping. Part of the risk of crowdfunding projects that never deliver. I have over the years bet on some things on Indiegogo that failed. Far more failures on Indiegogo. I have backed twice as many projects on Kickstarter overall, and yet the number of projects that failed is less than a ¼. I guess the answer for me now, is back Indiegogo projects that are fully funded and already delivering products. The reason is. Frankly, you can contact Indiegogo and get anything other than a blank response. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in the last four interactions I’ve had with Indiegogo customer support.

The pilot, on the other hand, is a voice translation package that has shipped.

  1. It is well designed and fits into the air well.
  2. The software is easy to setup and the beta “listen to feature” is impressive.

I loaded it on my phone and synced the earpieces. Then I found a couple of Youtube videos with closed caption English, and spoken Spanish (there are a few),. The pilot did a pretty good job (Listen is still in Beta).

Pilot today requires a phone and an internet connection. As Waverly Labs (the creator of Pilot) continues to develop the software they will create the offline version that will make the solution even more powerful.

What I like:

  • Earbuds support music, phone calls and interacting with the pilot application
  • Setup was fast, and the wizard walked you through the entire process quickly.

This translation market is a growing and interesting area. Travis (voice translation box) has shipped. The pilot now has shipped. There are some epics fails on Indiegogo in this space (I backed two, and it still makes me sad).

The universal translator is coming, sooner than expected!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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