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The many points of view in the camera world…

One of the things that always make me smile is a picture of a cute puppy. I am not a cat person per se, but I do love dogs. One of the things I have been thinking about is the tech of the new GPS collars. I haven’t made the jump to one yet. But the concept is interesting when you attach the GPS collar, it reports in and lets you know where your best friend is. Some of them are cellular, so if you go off into the woods often, its possible there won’t be a signal. Some are Bluetooth which is frankly useless at more than 39 feet anyway. The technology is interesting, If our dogs ever did anything other than going on the walk, go to the boat or lie on the floor sleeping I might get one.

I can imagine a future where there are robots that chase your dog around, so you always know where the dog is as well. But that is a somewhat cynical and sarcastic view of the art of the possible.

Earlier today I was talking about a picture I took with the Multi-media robot Keecker, I called it the RPOV. Or Rovbot point of view, you can attach a camera to your dog as well. You won’t get the emotional status for the dog, but you will get the Dog’s point of view. DPOV and other points of view are growing. Action cameras started that market a few years ago. People wearing action cameras as they ran, biked, skied down a mountain, skied on a lake or just sat around with their friends contemplating life The day in the life POV, was big on YouTube for awhile. Now, you can add many more points of view to what you see, share and consume. RPOV, DPOV and so on, even I am sure the POVPOV is coming.

Anyway, it is interesting to see where cameras pop up now and what people share. I suspect the rate of sharing will continue to increase. The technologies that are interesting beyond all the pictures is the ability to stitch together a single panorama out of some distinctly different Camera Point of Voices. I have talked in the past about the capabilities of cameras. One of the interesting realities for cameras of the future is the ability to stitch together footage from a variety of cameras in building out a VR world. For example IR, 360 and drone video combined to create a virtual reality. Look up, look down and look all around to see the world as created. Oh to live in interesting times!


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  1. I am a dog person myself. I like the idea of a GPS collar. I have seen far too many people lose their best friends because they got off their leashes or got out of the yard. What a great idea to keep trach of your four legged pals.


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