The ethics of authority and peering over the technology edge…

Authority is an interesting problem, as in who is the authority? One of the things that I worry about is the reality of those who believe there is always an external authority. There isn’t, and frankly even if there were, we are each responsible for our actions. No matter what our jails, rules or ethics are, we are each responsible for what we say and do as human beings. There is a Latin Phrase I love that translates to “Who will guard the guardians?” The answer to that question is always those who are involved. Once you are involved, you are part of the group that helps the guardians. In other words, we guard the guardians.

I like to peer over the technology edge. From 3d printers, 3d scanners and anything that boosts the information I can gather on my cellular phone. I love being able to tell what the weather is, where I am, not 10 miles away in the heart of concrete as the National Weather Service often does. There are cities that NWS has stations outside the city, but not often in the suburbs of the major cities. Remote weather sensing systems

With that in mind, I have also pulled back my sharing of tomorrow a little. With the epic failure of Indiegogo to protect and support the people helping and funding projects I am much more selective in even considering funding anything on that site (Indiegogo). I still fund projects on Kickstarter, but Indiegogo is a No-Go for me now. I wish I could say that the support team of the Indiegogo site had read my many anti-posts and had reached out to me to say we are working on it. But, effectively the answer is in fact radio silence. I understand why an admission of guilt to one person makes a class-action lawsuit more likely. Based, however on the community rumblings I hear, a lawsuit may be in the works anyway.

As I said, we guard the guardians!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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