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The Chain Reaction in Solving Air Pollution

Environmentally friendly ways are so difficult to be attained by the people around the globe. It has been an old issue that cannot be resolved with so many strategies. Despite the interventions, the significant changes are not achievable overnight. Policy makers are so aggressive to solve air pollution. But it seems, there is no difference at all.

The implemented policies should be strict in achieving the air pollution free of the earth. The majority of the source of haze is factories that usually products with combustion. It cannot be denied and continued to destroy the environment. If the policy implementation is being followed accordingly, then the chain reaction will be the next thing to happen in every country.

The policymakers should take it seriously to have the chain reaction. This can only be achievable if the factories abide by the strict rules and need to meet the standard requirements to protect the environment. The scope of limitation is not only be incorporated into big factories. It should cover the small unit of the community and create awareness in burning things up will be a part of a contributor to air pollution. The people should be educated with their wrong habit to burn things.

For instance, burning of dried leaves or even trash in the backyard of the residents should not be encouraged. It can still be a contributor to destroying the habitat of the wild animals and the mother earth in general. Self-discipline is the key factor to make the world free of air pollutants. The sad thing, people cannot do small things to save the people’s lives. It is easy said than done. A wake-up calls for policymakers to implement strict rules in the country. It is a chain reaction that can be done once the local people had seen the significant changes in their effort.

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Written by Steven Gamboa

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