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The technology of a home office…

I finally got my podcasting station setup. It is something comprised of space and technology, and I will review the setup later on. I am simply happy now to have it set up finally! I spent a lot of time Podcasting and wanted a more easily consumed area for the process. What I need to figure out next is fixing the two desks that I ended up moving stuff from my main desk, to clear my main desk. I know I need to figure out where somethings live in my office at home.

I work from home as often as two days a week so having the right space is important. From speakerphone, video systems to the ability to write on my screen while connecting with other people, there are things you need in the modern office that you didn’t need in the past. For example one of the things that I used to have (four unique whiteboards) has been replaced by two connected whiteboards and the touch screen of my computer and tablet. We don’t want great ideas to be written on a whiteboard and then captured with a camera anymore when it is easier just to capture it electronically as it is created.

The perfect office is something we chase most of our working careers. I’ve had a couple of offices that were amazing (never a single office that had a window, however). In fact, in every single house, we have ever owned my office was in the basement. Oh well, there is a lesson to be learned in that I am quite sure.  The largest office I’ve ever had is the one I have now.  I did have more attached space in Greenwood (the furnace room was attached to the office). In fact, the whole basement in Greenwood was bigger overall than the one in Maryland. We’ve been trying to move to a smaller house for many years now.


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  1. I think as we get older, we prefer smaller houses for practical reason. Besides, it makes people either crowd the kitchen or the bedroom and develops camaraderie and rapport better than big houses where people can hide from each other lol