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There were a bunch of interesting releases from NIST yesterday (National Institue of Standards and Technology for the US Government) two of them were focused on the Cyber Security area. I spend a lot of time thinking about the impact of security. First off, I am not by any means or meaning trying to say anything about Cyber professionals. Nor is it my opinion that we spend too much time on Cyber Security. Rather, there has to be a balance between security and users. I think the reality of security today is that it applies to you. That is a hard thing to realize. That security applies to everyone the same across the board. Except those of us that produce information that has additional value, then security applies more!

(The last line was a joke)

Security is something that all os of has to consider. Our PII is our responsibility (PII, is personally identifiable information, i.e., what someone needs to have to steal your assets or your identity). What is unique about us we need to protect. That said it isn’t as easy as me simply saying it is your responsibility. Many companies get involved in this process. Some companies focus on monitoring your identity to protect you. Some organizations focus on your overall credit health and current credit status, and there are computer security companies that protect you from Virus and Malware attacks. All of these things are a part of what cybersecurity is.

It is as much a way as anything.

For example, how often do you change your banking password? How often do you change your ATM pin? Yes, I know both of those things are incredibly frustrating, particularly if you forget.

Simple security – change passwords every 45 days. Yes, that is truly annoying. Yes, that can be difficult. Yes, that, just that one thing, can prevent other problems quickly.

Oh yeah, and update your virus and malware programs at least once a week!

Security is your problem.


What do you think?


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