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Taking a Digital Break

I am taking a digital break. I am not going to stop writing, but I am going to hold off on posting for a few days. I am turning off the computer, the television, the cell phone and the tablet. I am going to grab a couple of notebooks and use a different part of my brain and write by hand. The good news is that you will get a break from seeing me here all the time. The not so good news is that when I have completed this, you will see an explosion of what I had written and done by hand and not with a computer, tablet or phone. I feel a need to unplug a bit.

While I understand that I will lose momentum. I probably won’t get my payout this upcoming month, I think it might be something that I need. I am going to resist even turning the computer on. I am going to officially unplug.  I am not certain how long it will be. It may be a day or two. Ii could be a month or two. I simply know that some things must change and I have to recharge my soul.

I look forward to coming back and seeing what I missed. Godspeed.


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  1. I often take a break from the net/social etc. I think we all need that digital detox from time to time.

    I also travel to some pretty remote areas, so I have learnt to leave it all behind. Therefore my travel blog, Wild Geese (WordPress Wildgeesetravel) is never updated during my travels but has to wait until I have returned home.

    This way I keep control, so big brother, Cyberdyne, Skynet, or whatever work for me, not vice versa!

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