Symbolism in London

Sunday, July 01, 2018

I went to Facebook to check on things, and I noticed the time was 4:44 pm. I ended up continuing browsing all over the internet, from Facebook to YouTube.

This video is interesting about CIA spying and the new American Embassy in London. The number 33 appears to be a popular masonic symbolism used in spying for the N.W.O. agenda. He also talks about many underground tunnels all over London. I was aware that the Buckingham Palace had its own underground tunnel and train system. But I wasn’t aware there were even more tunnels. It appears to be similar to the new American Embassy in Zionist Israel. So, it is obvious that the Zionists are pushing forward on their One World NWO Zionist agenda.

“Pagan Eyes Club”?

He notes that the letter P is all over the American Embassy.


What do you think?


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