The Satanic Cabal…Who are they?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I summarized some interesting information from this video…

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton are shown wearing upside down cross, which has to do with satanism.

Interesting…Greenberg cousins are Edward Snowden, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jacob Applebaum. Mark Zuckerberg’s real name is Jacob Greenberg, and he is David Rockefeller’s grandson.

There is a connection between Nazism and Zionism because Adolf Hitler was Lionel Nathan Rothschild’s grandson. His father was Alois Hitler, who is Rothschild’s son, and Evelyn De Rothschild was Lionel Nathan Rothschild’s Great Grandson.

Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama AKA Barry Soetoro and Michael LaVaughan Robinson.

Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s father with his mother Margaret Trudeau. I guess he goes by his mother’s last name.


What do you think?

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  1. I’ve heard about this. But I’m not in the position to dismiss it. The world, while it’s still standing– as G-d allows it to operate– is full of these powers-that-be. It’s a constant battle (for us) against lawlessness and evil.


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