Noam Chomsky on Coronavirus

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Activism Munich interviews Noam Chomsky. (He looks very old in this video, older than usual, compared to his other videos I have watched). Noam talks about the Coronavirus. He states this whole situation is similar from his past when he was young because it has to do with economic failure and politics. I think the Zionists are using this disease to push their other agendas. He mentions a threat for nuclear war and doomsday, which is another way of saying New World Order agenda and One World Govt, Religion, and cashless society. This coronavirus lockdown is preview to living in a One World Lockdown.

I think everyone needs to calm down and not panic because that is what the Zionists want, so that the public will get create chaos and riots in the streets. And, then they will bring out the police and National Guard with their martial law to do their Order out of Chaos, which will lead to creating the New World Order—involving microchips in hand for cashless society, slavery, One World Religion—which is satanic, and One World Govt—which is Zionism. (The US govt is already Zionist-occupied. But who wants to go backwards from what we already have right now).

I heard from other videos that this Coronavirus started last year. Maybe that is what I was feeling in May 2019 because there was something in the air and humidity. I felt dehydrated. But I think it was even more than dehydration. They probably started spraying who knows what in the air. Since I am healthy and don’t get sick easily, I just felt weird, and mostly stayed inside because the humidity was bothering me.

I really feel this Coronavirus was intentionally sprayed out to create this One World Lockdown in order to enslave the whole earth inside their home, or at least a minimal going outside for necessities, such as groceries, Post Office, banking, and other items. The interview mentioned that this lockdown was for creating “social distancing” for a totalitarian society.


What do you think?

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