Former CIA Spy talks about Coronavirus, Politics & NWO

Monday, March 16, 2020

Former CIA Spy, Robert David Steele talks about his CIA work, which includes planning false flags attacks, coronavirus, mk-ultra, and covert operations. 9/11 was done by Zionists, Zionist Israeli Mossad, and the Illuminati. He states that 10% of the CIA are doing this mess. UN is part of the New World Order agenda and depopulation agenda.

I was thinking about the Coronavirus might have started because Chinese eat all animals, but who knows if that it is true. China closed down because the Chinese New Year. Coronavirus is radiation sickness? Creating specific diseases through magnetic effects to deprive people from oxygen. He believes the Coronavirus Pandemic is over.

New Zealand Mosque attack was a false flag.

He states that the real problems are the Zionists, and maybe are in the US Zionist government.

Dean Koontz writing about Coronavirus and Wuhan in 1981 when he wrote his novel.

JFK Jr had shown that vaccines plan to kill people, and none were tested.

NASA is a spy agency through Operation Paperclip.

George Bush Sr was CIA Operative who participated in the JFK assassination.

Two versions of 5G—a deadly weapon version and a safe version.

Hillary Clinton is an evil woman, involved in charity fraud, pedophilia, and other corruption.

Tesla’s free energy can save the earth, but the Zionists are creating all the destruction and mass depopulation.

Gates Foundations are sterilizing people via drugs without their consent for their depopulation agenda to limit the population, or stop people from reproducing.

Royal Families are involved in inbreeding.

Zionists and Wahibis are working together on the same agenda.

Climate Change is all fake to scare the public into panicking and revolutions for martial law.

Illuminati Elites are into pedophilia, child trafficking, and satanic rituals to kill these kids. Jeffrey Epstein and G. Maxwell were working for Israeli Mossad, and they funded 9/11.


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