More on starting your family history project…

The other side of what is now the family history pr or what I often call the wander project is the blog posts. Not all of the posts are completely tied to the images shared. But often the goal is to share additional information beyond the pictures. Based on that goal I also have other parts to the family history project. I have converted all of the images from my grandfather that were a film. He left me two boxes of 16 mm film.

Additionally, I have converted more than 20 VHS tapes to digital. From time to time I share the family video on my Youtube channel. I also share stories, ideas and concept son my podcast, which for the most part is focused on technology but on occasion I do memories.

  1. Videotape family elders are telling the stories they remember. We did that with my grandfather, we failed to capture a lot of my grandmother, and we also didn’t catch as much of my father sharing stories on video as I would have liked. It takes five minutes to setup, but the value is priceless later!
  2. It is your family history; it doesn’t have to be perfect. In the words of the Carpenters son from the 70’s, “don’t worry if it’s not good enough.” It is good enough. No matter how badly you think you shared, someone, later on, will welcome the information.

I include links to the other places I share (youtube and Podbean). Podbean is where I share my podcasts. Youtube is where I post my technology focused Yesterday’s Weather (time-lapse weather video) and some family videos as well.

Family history is something anyone can do. It isn’t hard, and while it can take time, later it will save time. The best part of memories is sharing them with other people!


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  1. I shared this and the part one in Pixie’s FB page for my easy reference. But, as I said, it would be joy for the younger generation to know of their elders and ancestors through the eyes of the one who diligently record the family history. Isn’t it wonderful if the grandchildren of your kids would read stories and see pictures of their great, great, great grandpops and grannies?


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