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I talked about AR the other day; you can find that post here. I would also like to note that the Google Pixel 2 AR sticker commercials are another example of the potential of AR in the marketplace. Today, however, we are going to focus on the other side of the AR/VR conversation that being VR. Virtual Reality, this is an extremely interesting part of a market that hasn’t exploded yet but is on the verge of exploding. The players are the usual suspects, but the content is king in VR.

The 360-degree cameras impact the creation of VR content. The reality of video cameras also impacts the amount of VR content out there. There are a growing number of VR games. Personally, I don’t like,e first-person shooter games, so there aren’t many games I enjoy. I prefer golf, football and other games with a mix of knowledge, skill, and understanding. That said there are also some extremely interesting virtual tours now available in VR. I enjoy the flying around the city of Las Vegas in a virtual helicopter tour. The tours now include other global destinations that are a blast to enjoy. The value of a VR tour is that it is immersive and you are in the middle of the tour. It is the next best thing to being there.

Oculus released a desktop extension application recently. That means anything that runs on your computer will, in fact, run in eth VR environment. It means you can interact with applications (including web meetings and other applications in the Virtual world. An area that I think VR will continue to expand is that of interactive environments for training and repair. Today that is a use for AR devices. Tomorrow I see VR as an initial introduction to or base training. This would be a virtual environment available so the trainee can repeat and continue to learn in a virtual (low impact) environment. Going forward from there, the trainee would move into the AR version of the overall system that mixes that actual task with that virtual overlay.

As we move further into the AR and VR space, the number of potential uses for the technology are going to continue to explode. Giving a potential home buyer an AR application that lets them see their furniture in a new location will be huge for realtors. VR/AR integration for doctors would allow an experienced Doctor to walk along with the non-experienced doctor in performing a procedure. The two doctors would not even need to be in the same time zone!

AR and VR are coming!

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