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Product Review: ORICO BTA-403 USB Bluetooth Adapter 4.0 Review

I’ve recently installed an Emulator which runs 3DS games and I find that I need a game controller in order to play more comfortably. I do have a Bluetooth 8bitdo NES30 Pro controller which also can be used as a USB controller but I prefer to play my game “wireless”, because I’m very much restricted by the length of the USB cable.

The problem is, my PC doesn’t comes with Bluetooth.

In the end I decided to get a Bluetooth adapter, which is the Orico BTA-403 which only cost about $5! I think it’s a steal!!

The mini-sized plastic adapter came with 24K gold-plated connector and is really light. I feel it could be blown away by a strong wind.

Packaging is simple with nothing else, no installation disk, nothing except a link to a website whereby you can download the driver!! The site was extremely slow… it took me almost 2 hours to download the zipped file which is only 400 plus MB!! (And I am pretty sure the problem is not with my PC or internet) When it was done, the folder was in Chinese, fortunately the setup files were in English. So there is no worries about that!

Installation is swift and easy. The adapter started flashing blue light and Bluetooth icon appeared immediately on my taskbar. I can click on it to check and add Bluetooth device to my PC!!

However, the process to add the game controller was a nightmare initially!! Although the adapter picked up my controller, it just can’t connect to it! I don’t know why! I kept trying for at least a dozen times and still doesn’t work!!

I was frustrated and gave up. I shut down my computer and went to do something else. When I came back to use my computer, decided to give it another shot and surprisingly, it worked!! Perhaps there is a need to restart after the installation before it would work, I don’t know.

I played wirelessly with my controller for hours and I’ve no complains so far! There are no delays or lag during gameplay and I can move around much more!! I haven’t tried to move very far away from the adapter but I can say for sure that it stays connected even when I was standing about 3-4 meters away.

I’ve also realised that when I switched on my game controller, the adapter would pick up and connect to my controller automatically, which is a huge plus for me!

Product Specification:

  • Interface: USB
  • Transfer Speed: 3 Mbps
  • Transfer Distance: 0 – 20m
  • Controller: CSR8510
  • Driver Software: CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack
  • Dimension: 23 x 15 x 5mm
  • Systems Supported: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


– Connection is smooth with little to no lag

– Signal is strong

– 4 colours to choose from


– Constant flashing of the adapter can get annoying

– No instructions or installation disk

I would rate this Bluetooth dongle a 7.5/10.


What do you think?

Written by alibb


  1. Good post, I find new technology sometimes frustrating. However, if you persist, everything comes right in the end. You did right, forget about the computer, and come back and approach it with a fresh start.