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Computers will kill us, or we’ll crash them. They were meant to be life-facilitating, but they are simply time’s eaters.

There are days when writing emails consumes my time and facebook takes away a good evening with a book – then I wonder: we created them and got trapped ourselves.

I go out to the cafe and eat a croissant soaking it in hot chocolate. I look at the communicating people and get a wish to chat with my daughter over the phone. And then I calm down.Not all is lost. Many beautiful moments can be created by ourselves without the help of artificial intelligence.

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    • Sometimes I am online almost the entire day, at work and after. And sometimes, I turn it on only in the evenings but it’s quality time. Still, it for sure “eats my mornings.

  1. My PC is the only way I have to connect with the outside world and it is my means of earning with my writing online. When I think about there being no computers then I know I would be shut off from the world and I would have no way of sharing my writing