Bought A New Netgear Router

Tuesday, 12.10.19

I woke up today, still with a head cold. So, I decided not to go to tonight’s walking meetup. I don’t want to get worse.

 I was chatting on IMVU, and all of the sudden, I got disconnect from the internet. I couldn’t connect back, and I tried everything. I called Cox, and they finally told me that it is a router problem. So, I decided to go to the mini Target for college students, in which I was sure it has these routers because college students have such issues, and I bought a new Netgear–the N600 Wireless Router with stand. I came home and hooked it up, similar to how my old one was hooked up, but I still couldn’t connect with the internet. But he did find the ip address, which I wrote down because I might need it later.  I called Cox Complete Care. The tech man tried to help, but he couldn’t understand why it wasn’t connecting. He told me to call Netgear. So, luckily, my iphone6 internet worked, and I searched for the phone and other information on my iphone. I called Netgear, and someone answered, and he was able to help me connect to the internet, via my iPhone. I typed in the IP adress in the iphone search, which helped me connect to my computer’s internet. Then, I did the wizard with the Netgear agent until I was registered, and hopefully everything is OK now. Today, was a headache. I hope I don’t get disconnected now.


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