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Of web meetings and online interaction

I spend a lot of time in web or online meetings. Based on that I have spent a lot of time chasing whiteboards and interactive computer systems. Recently I got a surface studio for my home office. I had a Logitech video conference system but wanted a device that would handle the interaction of web meetings and allow me to interact with people online. That includes marking up documents, quickly sketching out a potential solution and so forth.

The studio and book are the two Microsoft PC’s I own now. I have to say; they have done a great job making the product better. The Surface Book is the only PC I take with me on vacation. The studio is my new go-to web meeting computer. I will do an extensive review; today I am focused on the online meeting world. The reality of online meetings is the mix of audio, video and live interaction or whiteboarding. I spend a lot of time in all three modes overall.

I won’t waste time rating the various providers. They are all able to provide video, slide presentation, and audio interaction. Easy of sharing, ease of recording and ease of online vs. offline is critical. Modes of interaction are also critical; people need to have a good experience via phone, via tablet, and computer. Finding the right mix of your hardware and the meeting system you prefer is the critical path. I listed some initial factors below:

  1. Cost
  2. The capability of the system (does it do what we need)
  3. Speed and reliability (system has high availability and is fast enough for what we need.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Slightly out of context, I suddenly felt a paradox while reading your writing; information technology continues to shorten the distance between a person at an end with others at the other end. But on the contrary, can also make the distance between us with the people who are beside us.
    On the other hand, indeed IT has given us a lot of convenience and practicality in many ways.

    • That is the cost and the burden of IT. It is also the value and the opportunity IT presents. In fact, it is technology that drives both sides of IT. The distance we have, however, that is the purview of the user!